Behind the Magic 8 Ball


Behind the Magic 8 Ball

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Jumpy Jess and Flighty Faith—two self-proclaimed wildlife activists—conspire to stop a fast food juggernaut from being built on Jesse’s childhood stomping ground: a cherished whiffle ball field and habitat to the Zebra-tailed lizard. There’s just one problem….


He’d felt a hiss building in his throat from the moment he and the girl became acquainted. He’d meant to be polite when she leaned over to pet him. Instead, he arched his back, spit at her and then slithered under the La-Z-Boy. She had a funny mark on her chin and she smelled bad. It was something in her sweat. It was sour and rang of danger, of evil. It made his fur crawl.

Moreover, he understood from the time he was a kitten that Mistress was different from other humans. Sounds were something he heard and responded to all of the time, while Mistress didn’t respond to them at all. Of course, he had big ears and could hear everything, including the mice rustling in the walls…