What I Offer

What I Offer

Writer's block happens when the writer becomes bored with the project he/she/they have been hammering away at—and are afraid to let go of—or have lost clarity along the way. Doubting their own creative genious, they err on the side of sticking with the familiar—as if trying to predict what the reader will think about their work!

In my years of working with fellow writers, I have often heard the following: “I’m not sure I know what my story is about anymore....I don’t know why this scene feels so blah....I’m sick of looking at this project, but I can’t let it go....I can't believe I'm still working on this. It's been nine years!”

First, my desire is to help you become aware of what is already working well in your manuscript, so that during the revision process you will avoid "tossing the baby out with the tub water."

I will then pinpoint the reason(s) why you are stuck. And what we can do together to help you get unstuck.

Next, I will challenge you to go from being a good writer to being an exceptional one, by pushing you to work harder, go deeper, and to take risks.

In other words, wherever it is you are afraid to go in your story, is exactly where you must go, if you are to remain true to the craft of writing excellent fiction—which entails raising the stakes and increasing dramatic tension in the story you present to the world. This will help you to no longer feel bored by your project.

Of course, I have other methods up my sleeve for helping you get unstuck—methods of which I will uncover and you will obtain during our time together.

I will help you find your version of what a successful manuscript revision looks like. I will help you rediscover the craft of powerful writing—through an intuitive and wholistic lens of looking at story telling, rather than relying on the overly formulaic, paint-by-numbers approach.

Why? Because your writing journey is unique. Because your voice is unique—and so are your life experiences. Because your reading tastes, and the story you yearn to write is unique, and must be told in the way you wish to tell it.

Toughness and compassion in equal measure, is the approach I like to use. Fairness and honesty—with an eye toward honoring your voice and creative vision—will be a large part of the equation. Moreover, I will meet you where you are in the process.

Depending on if you wish to continue meeting with me—beyond our initial meeting where you will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your work—I may give you a homework assignment or two—one tailored to your needs—if I feel that there is a problem area in your writing that continues to repeat itself in subsequent revisions.

Or, I may give you some reading suggestions that deal with areas most writers struggle with.

My goal, during our time together is for us, through trust and mutual respect, to develop a rapport with one another.

My desire is for you to come away feeling clear-headed and motivated to move your project forward in a way that feels fresh and exciting again.

By the end of our tenure, you will not only have the tools and confidence needed to develop your own instincts—so that when you approach future projects, you will know what works and what doesn’t—and why—but you will also know how to quickly rebound from writer’s block.

I look forward to working with you!


Amy Laprade